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Spring Wedding

A Start to Something Beautiful 

Springtime weddings fit every budget and provide you with an experience as marvelous as the blossoming weather.  Giorgio’s offers a picturesque landscape full of color and elegance as the backdrop of your Spring Wedding.  Your guests will swoon over this venue’s budding beauty and instantly feel welcomed as they become part of your special day . Spring breathes new life into the world around us.  Celebrate alongside loved ones and begin the next chapter with Giorgio’s.  

Explore a Spring Wedding at Giorgio's

Enchanted Surroundings

Giorgio’s has a variety of beautiful settings that are sure to meet your desired vision. The hallmarks of the season are housed within the Giorgio’s property with such exquisite offerings as a venetian gazebo, Parisian fountain, and manicured gardens. It’s the perfect balance of romance and elegance.

New Beginnings

We offer a vibrant outdoor setting or a cozy indoor experience. Both options create an intimate ceremony ideal to tell your story and amplify your vows.

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The Symbols of Spring

Giorgio’s is the premier Spring Wedding venue of the East End.  Take advantage of the springtime and indulge in the pretty details that the season is known for.  The pastel color pallet is on full display as the gardens and surrounding landscape bloom with an array of white, blue, and pink flowers.  The roads leading up to the venue offer distinct opportunities to capture the true essence of Spring.  Make sure to add the windmill and the horse farm to your photographers itinerary.

Our tantalizing menu includes hearty foods with some lightweight flavors.   Gratify your guests with our California Poached Pear Salad followed by the roasted Duck infused with berry sauce, wild rice, and veggies.  Both very popular choices this time of year. Top it all off with a signature cocktail like a Bellini or refreshing mojito to hint that the warm weather has arrived. Whatever your style,  Giorgio’s is the place to plan a wedding that lasts well into the springtime night.       

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Get Excited

Giorgio’s can design a spring wedding exactly to your liking. Enjoy the cuisine in the extended cocktail areas and then celebrate in classic elegance as we decorate the stately ballroom to your liking.

Don't Stop the Party

Invite your guest to continue the festivities by extending the night in our cozy after-hours area complete with a full bar, lounge and pool table.

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