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Micro Weddings

Experience your Dream Wedding at a price you can afford.

Giorgio’s is proud to announce the addition of our Micro Wedding Package. In this time of uncertainty we all need to make the best of the circumstances we find ourselves in. These packages are limited to 50 guests for the time being.  Experience everything Giorgio’s Baiting Hollow has to offer and let us help you create  your dream wedding.

Why Have a Micro Wedding? 

Large weddings can be wonderful experiences but the bigger the affair, the more precise planning is required to make it happen. Micro weddings are a great way for two people to express their devotion when all you need is the comfort of close friends and family. You can make tying the knot a more personal affair and have the freedom to personalize your experience. 

What is a Micro Wedding? 

A micro wedding is an intimate, scaled down version of a traditional wedding, typically hosting up to 50 guests. All of the elements of weddings are there. You can dance and celebrate your happiest day with the closest of friends and family. 

An Intimate Affair 

With a slimmer guest count, company can be kept to the people that really mean something to you. You’ll be with the people closest to you in your life. Your big day doesn’t need to be a spectacle for people who don’t truly know you. Make all the faces in the crowd ones that are the most happy to share your special day with you. Micro weddings are truly meaningful and personal. 

Don’t Let Life Get In The Way 

The chaotic world doesn’t have to stop your commitment to each other. The nature of micro weddings give you better flexibility so life doesn’t get in the way of making your day happen. Travel is difficult these days and people do it less frequently. A micro wedding means less to manage so you can focus on what really counts.   

Splurge on Extras 

Mirco weddings cost much less than a traditional wedding, so why not go for the little extras? Get the full photography package. Let the DJ use smoke machines and pass out fun toys. Send each guest home with a personalized gift that would have been too expensive with a large guest count. Get all the bells and whistles thanks to the financial freedom that micro weddings afford.

Be Creative

It’s your special day. Micro weddings are simpler to plan so you can really make it a day to remember. Have a theme, why not? You’ll be able to put more finishing touches on your day by having fun and seeing what you can come up with. Make this intimate day a personal affair.

Micro Weddings Special

for available 2020 dates

An Intimate Four-Hour Event

50 Guest Capacity

Private Ceremony

Full Cocktail Hour

4 Course Reception

Tent for Outdoor Option

Starting at $5,000.00*

Custom Packages upon request

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