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Fall Wedding


The latest trends in wedding decor have made Autumn the fashionable season to get married. The changing foliage and the comfortable, crisp temperature creates a gorgeous setting throughout Giorgio’s landscape.  The natural color scheme of the season amplifies the timeless atmosphere of the ballroom, appealing to any rustic or modern theme.  Find inspiration with our talented team and capitalize on the beauty of a Fall Wedding.

Explore a Fall Wedding at Giorgio's

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A Classic Start

Arrive in style and take advantage of the vibrant colors of the natural scenery. The seasonal atmosphere will help spotlight the romantic moments and add some fall flair to the photos.

Open-Air Ceremony

 Project a countryside vibe to the nuptials and enjoy the tranquility of a private ceremony.  Giorgio’s can provide heat lamps to warm things up if the Fall weather drops or simply move everything indoors.

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Autumn’s Embrace 

If you envision an elegant venue adorned with simple textures and organic elements, then Giorgio’s is the perfect place to host your Fall Wedding. The outdoor areas set the tone as the landscape is highlighted by an array of red, orange, and yellow flowers encapsulating the seasonal charm.  At the pinnacle of the wine harvest, the private vineyard offers a unique opportunity for photos that are only available this short time of year.  The courtyard has significant space for vintage pieces like cottage style lanterns and apple farm crates. A great way to add a personal touch!

As the celebration transitions indoors, the typical colors of the season can be incorporated using kinetic fixtures installed around the perimeter of the ballroom. The lighting accentuates the interior features, creating a gorgeous backdrop to any setting.  Additionally, the menu blends flavorful stations and passed Hors d’oeuvres to compliment the popular Autumn food selections.  Stop by the office today and begin the planning process for your beautiful Fall wedding.

Want to Enhance the Experience?

The extra options are a great way to add something special to your package .

Your Fall Wedding Continues!

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Fall Ambiance

The reception is where every detail comes together to create a seamless experience. The amber lighting sets the mood as you dance the night away.  Appreciate the little moments, and make sure to have fun.

Comfort Food

Savor the season and combine the traditional desserts of the Venetian hour with delicious treats. Cannoli, Zeppole,  Rice pudding, and chocolate-covered apples are just a few selections that can satisfy any sweet tooth. 

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