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Thursday Wedding

Weekday Weddings on Long Island, a New Tradition.

Did you know that midweek weddings are becoming increasingly popular? Many couples are taking advantage of the discounts, greater availability of venues, and a wider range of wedding services that are now available during the week.  There is also a certain quality that a Thursday wedding brings, imagine starting your life with a beautiful celebration, Leaving room to plan a full weekend wedding experience. 

Is a Thursday Wedding Affordable?

If you’re working within a tight budget, opting for a Thursday wedding can be a much more affordable option than a weekend ceremony. By booking your wedding on a Thursday, you could expect to save up to 40% compared to hosting your ceremony on a Saturday at the same location. 

Why Choose a Thursday Wedding?

young couples may find that selecting Thursday to celebrate their wedding can alleviate some of those hard decisions, especially when it comes to your guest list. Instead of making the tough choice on who to invite, you’ll find that the guest list will populate naturally without having to exclude anyone.

Considering a Weekday Wedding?

If you are looking to be spontaneous and get married during a specific time of year, Thursdays are a great option.  With weekends getting booked up quickly during wedding season, a weekday affair is certainly a great choice. Long Island offers a wonderful opportunity to select a date that fits your vision. Whether it’s a Winter Wedding or a Summer Celebration, Giorgio’s has great options at a price you can afford.

Thursday weddings Giorgios Long Island

Availability of Vendors

On top of the overall lower cost, you’ll also find that airfare for traveling guests, hotels, transportation, and vendors are all more accessible and cost-effective on a weekday evening.  You’ll get the same quality of service with plenty to spare.

A Simple Wedding

In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definition,  A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage.  Couples like the idea of having a celebration that represents them, and a Thursday wedding offers an opportunity to throw a non-traditional wedding that is meaningful and special.

Think Outside the Box

According to The Atlantic

“One in five weddings now takes place during the workweek (and not just because it’s cheaper).”

More and More couples are seeking to liberate themselves from the norm and explore their own individual taste and likes. As the shift in the traditional 9-5 work week becomes a thing of the past, the flexibility of a Thursday Wedding opens up more options to choose from. Weddings are now much more modifiable and adjustable than ever, with Thursday quickly become a popular day to celebrate.

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