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Our Family

The staff consists of people who truly care about making your event special.  From the waiters to the owners, the comradery and support between everybody can only be described by one word, “FAMILY”.  The entire staff is here to guide you from the first day until the big day, that’s the sense of comfort you get here at Giorgio’s.  

George Regini Jr

George Regini Jr.

With over 35 years of experience working alongside his father, George Jr. has gained the reputation of being one of the most prestigious caterers in the hospitality industry.   From humble beginnings as a dishwasher to now owner, he continues the legacy by exemplifying the same level of service and dedication synonymous with the Giorgio’s brand.

Nick Cascio

Hard work and dedication are just a few of the rewarding qualities that have defined Nick’s reputation throughout his 25-year career in the hospitality industry.  His knowledge of the business and commitment to excellence culminated in 2017, when he officially became co-owner of Giorgio’s.  Nick cares about everyone that walks through his doors and makes sure you always feel welcome.          

Nick Casio Giorgio's

We Bring Something Special

Our reputation is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication of every member of our team. Their diligent efforts are the backbone of the operation.

Nick Cascio

Executive Chef

Michael has been a industry icon on Long Island for the past 30 years. As the head Chef, He only works with quality ingredients to create fresh exquisite food on the day of each event . His dedication to excellence has been a major factor in maintaining our 5 star reviews and we look forward to our continued success with Chef Michael and his creativity in food dominance.

Micheal Slovitsky

Sous Chef

Bryan began his career as a cook across Jamaica's finest 5-star resorts. His talent and dedication brought him to New York where he eventually settled with Giorgio's as a key member of the kitchen. His extraordinary knowledge and experience in the culinary arts has attributed to Giorgio's brand over the last 15 years.

Bryan Waldo


Delmi has been a part of the Giorgio's family for the last ten years and makes sure that the entire facility is running smoothly and in pristine shape. She is the invisible hand responsible for the comfortable and welcoming vibe, right as you walk through the doors.

Delmi Vaeriano

Event Manager

Shawn has been in the hospitality industry since he was 11 and has amassed a skill set that allows him to adapt to any position on the staff the day of the event. Along with this ability, he also serves as the food and beverage manager overseeing the quality of purveyors and deliveries.

Shawn Palmer

Joe Erico

Joe Errico

A charismatic front man with 30 years of experience in managing and hosting events. This makes “Joey” one of a kind.   You’ll instantly fall in love with his energetic personality, and feel at ease, when you realize he will be leading the team as your Maitre’d.  The definition of a family man, Joe is a fun and classy gentlemen that is there to make your day absolutely perfect.         

Ashley Boyle

As one of the most Important members of the Giorgio’s team,  Ashley works hand in hand with every couple on all aspects of their wedding day.  Every detail of the wedding is personally overseen by Ashley to make sure all the requests and needs are met.  If you have any questions feel free to contact her, as she will be happy to help you in any way.   

Ashley Banquet Manager at Giorgio's

Honorary Mention

Giorgio Regini Sr.

Migrating from Italy at 16, Giorgio began his culinary journey at the famous Waldorf Astoria where he established a pristine reputation that followed him throughout his vast and successful career. His dedication and uncanny work ethic lead him to become a successful owner of many renowned establishments throughout the five boroughs, touching the lives of countless New Yorkers.

His Legacy culminated on the East End of Long Island with his family, as they came together and built the unique and world- class catering facility that you see today.  Even though he is now retired, you’ll still see him come in to shake hands as he will always be an integral part of the Giorgio’s brand. 

Giorgio and George jr
Nick Casion and Giorgio SR from Giorgio's

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