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Enhance the Experience

The experience can be extended with all the extra options.  Start the day with a romantic ceremony in our private gardens and end the night in the lounge area that offers many novelties to keep your guests entertained.  Giorgio’s can also handle all the transportation the day of and accommodate all of the guests with our very own shuttle bus.     

Giorgio's outdoor ceremony with bride and groom saying their vows

On Site Ceremony

Exchange your vows with a beautiful private ceremony at Giorgio’s.  There are many area within the property that can offer the perfect settings for your first kiss as a married couple.

After Party

End the night in the lounge area complete with a billiards table, finger foods, and fully stocked bar.  We also offer the deluxe package that adds a live DJ and photo selfie station.

Giorgio's after party logo

Shuttle Bus

A fully loaded ride with all the amenities. Our shuttle bus offers transportation to and from any local hotel.  Let Giorgio’s be the first to greet you before the day begins. 


Giorgio's cigar bar with man rolling a cigar

Cigar Bar

 Add a classic novelty and cap the night off with a top self refreshment and a hand rolled cigar.  There is plenty of space outside that can accommodate both smokers and non smokers comfortably.  

Giorgio's seafood raw bar presentation lobster

Raw Bar

A variety of raw seafood and shellfish shucked and served to add a nautical touch.  Each selection is presented butler-style with sauces and continuously filled throughout the duration of the cocktail hour.         

Giorgio's ice cream station

Viennese Desserts

Impress your guest and add a large array of delicious options for the final hour and a half of your wedding reception. There are plenty of options available check out the cuisine to find out more.
doughnut wall

Doughnut Wall

  End the night with a special treat and add a delicious favor in the hallway.  Nothing says “thank you for coming” more than a wall full of freshly baked doughnuts. 

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